Sr. Consultant -Ph.D., P.E.

  • Graduated from Mississippi State University with an MS in Mechanical Engineering;
  • Graduated from the University of Houston with a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering;
  • Formerly assistant professor of Li Ming Technologies Institute in Taiwan;
  • VP of BESM, a major construction equipment leasing company in Taiwan. Has had broad experience¬† in corporate management and in transforming a traditional operation company to a fully IT integrated enterprise;
  • Acting engineering director of Interlock Technologies, a subsidiary company of Hunting PLC., in charge of the engineering department for various R & D projects, including casing and tubing products, using CAD, CAM, and CAE;
  • General Manger of CMCD LLC with broad experience in managing and setting up the office automation, IT system and training as well as business development, strategy planning, and execution.
  • Licensed as a Professional Engineer in the state of Texas.